Host a Swapbox

Host a Swapbox and take part in decentralization

Hosting a Swapbox means giving people access to digital assets. It means protecting them from inflation, bad monetary policies and providing local access to financial services.

Why choose Swapbox?

Choosing Swapbox over traditionnal crypto ATM has several advantages. No server, no exchange, no volatily risk, no hassle. On top of that, Swapbox is entirely open source and modular.


Operators do not need to use any third party and centralized services that want to collect their personal and business data.

No centralized account or server

Swapbox is powered by an automated market maker and stablecoins. To operate and collect transactions fees, the operator only needs a Web3 wallet. No need for an exchange account, or taking care of a server.

No volatility exposure

Unlike classic crypto ATMs, Swapbox operators hold cash and stablecoins, meaning they do not have to hold any volatile crypto asset. The AMM handles crypto liquidity for you.

Modularity and openness

All Swapbox software is open-source: you can customize it to your needs. Swapbox hardware is designed to be easily and cost-effectively manufactured, meaning you can easily replace parts.

Versatile software

Decentralized backend. Collect fees, deposit stablecoins, change fee settings, update available tokens in a single decentralized app. No need for a server.
Trustless smart contract. You deploy your own smart contract. No need to rely on and trust centralized exchange: your smart contract is holding your funds.
User friendly GUI. Swapbox GUI is written in Kivy, making it blazing fast and highly customizable. It has been designed with seamless user experience in mind, even for non crypto users.
New gen blockchain network. Smart contract is deployed on zkSync Era, a ZK rollup on Ethereum. It allows cheap, fast and secure transactions.

Cherry-picked hardware

Swapbox’s brain. Your crypto ATM is powered by a Raspberry Pi 4. It is robust, affordable, and energy-efficient. Powering Swapbox with Linux has the advantage of being open-source and benefits from a great community support.
Cash devices. Swapbox note acceptor and dispenser have been chosen for their reliability and robustness. Cash-out device can store up to 1000 banknotes and dispense notes at a speed of 2,5 notes per second, minimizing user interaction time.
Simple and strong enclosure. Swapbox enclosure parts are strong and easy to manufacture. Made of steel and aluminum, connected together with M6 bolts, breaking in a Swapbox would take time and wake up the whole city.

Specs & dimensions

Enclosure material
2mm steel plates, Aluminum
Computer board
Raspberry Pi 4B
Network connection
Note dispencer
Note acceptor
Power supply
12V, 5V
Power consumption
Supported languages
Supported currencies
Price from
$3990  1ETH  0.07 BTC

ROI calculator

Estimate the profitability of your Swapbox fleet.
Note: All prices are subject to change and are indicative only.
Your Swapbox DIY kit
Full DIY kit
+ $3120
Enclosure kit
+ $1500
Plastic parts
+ $100
Electronic parts
Raspberry Pi 4B
+ $90
10” screen
+ $250
12V power supply
+ $70
5V power supply
+ $60
+ $250
NV9 (with note stacker)
+ $450
NV200 (with note stacker)
+ $700
+ $550
+ $250
Total price
$3120 per unit
Cost metrics
Installation cost
Estimated one-off cost for installing a machine. This can include assembly, configuration and additional items that need to be purchased to have a fully functional Swapbox.
One time, per unit
Place rent
Estimated monthly cost of renting the space where the Swapbox will be installed. Per machine.
Per month, per unit
Cash logistics
Estimated remaining cash balance that will need to be converted to stablecoin in order to adjust the cash-stablecoin balance.
Running costs
Estimated electricity, internet connection, machine maintenance.
Per month, per unit
Exploitation metrics
Buy fee
Buy fee charged to user in percentage.
One timer, per unit
Sell fee
Sell fee charged to user in percentage.
Per month, per unit
Buy transaction
Estimated number of buy transactions per month.
Avg buy TX
Estimated average amount per buy transaction.
In dollars
Sell transaction
Estimated number of buy transactions per month.
Per month, per unit
Avg sell TX
Estimated average amount per sell transaction.
In dollars
Initial investment


Total cost


per month
Revenue per month


Gross profit


per month

Ready to host?

You can get started with hosting a Swapbox easily by following the steps below:

Order online

Choose the options and the quantity of your Swapbox, then place your order online. Payment is made through zkCheckout.

Build and config

Build your Swapbox using the documentation. Deploy the smart contract, then configure you machine(s) to your needs and environment via the setup wizard.

Adopt and contribute

Congrats! You are now part of the decentralization of the financial world. You can manage your Swapbox via the admin panel.

FAQ about hosting Swapbox

Which fiat currencies are supported?

Cash-in device supports most currencies: more than 100 fiat currencies are supported. Cash-out device supports notes that are within these dimensions:

W: 62-77mm
L: 120-160mm
T: 0.08-0.0125mm

How does a crypto ATM work?

Swapbox doesn't work like a classic crypto ATM. Classic crypto ATMs are connected to a centralized exchange and need a server to host and access the backend admin application.

Swapbox is directly connected to the blockchain and uses liquidity from decentralized exchanges (such as Uniswap). It does not need a server either, as the admin backend settings are stored directly on the blockchain network in a smart contract. You can host the application for interacting with the smart contract locally.

What cryptocurrencies can I offer to my customers?

Thanks to decentralized exchanges, you can offer any currencies available on the decentralized exchange you connected your Swapbox to.

Are there legal restrictions?

It depends on your jurisdiction. Please ensure you are well informed about local regulations before buying a Swapbox kit.

Do I need to take care of the liquidity?

You only need to take care of the cash reserve in each machine and the stablecoin balance in the smart contract. The decentralized exchange your Swapbox is connected to ensures the liquidity of crypto currencies.

What are the costs involved in hosting a crypto ATM?

There are a few costs to consider before starting a crypto ATM business. Installation cost, place rent, electricity and internet, cash management logistics, cost of locked capital, gas fees for updating the smart contract are typical costs to take into consideration. You can use the ROI calculator to estimate your costs, revenue, and profits from hosting Swapboxes.

What are the benefits of hosting a crypto ATM?

Hosting Swapboxes offers numerous benefits for both the operator and customers. These advantages include enhanced visibility for the host location, the creation of a new revenue stream, crypto adoption promotion, and easy access to crypto, to name a few.

Is hosting a Swapbox secure?

We do everything possible to make hosting a Swapbox as secure as possible. Strong and robust hardware, hidden cash balances, customisable limits and schedule for Swapbox use, minimalist smart contract to ensure robustness, sign-message admin login on machines, etc. However, it's only possible to get rid of some of the risks. You need to be aware that your machine can be stolen, and that malicious actors may try to attack it.

Which languages are supported on Swapbox?

Swapbox currently supports 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Russian and German.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are not included in the price displayed. Shipping costs depend on the place of delivery and the quantity. We do our utmost to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Sending as a DIY kit to reduce the parcel size is one example.

Shipping costs vary between $100 and $300 for one machine but are degressive as the number of machines increases.

How are the machines delivered?

When you order a complete Swapbox kit, it is delivered in 2 separate parcels:

Electronic parts

Housing parts

The enclosures are shipped unassembled to reduce the size of the parcel.

What are the payment methods to order Swapbox kits?

The only payment methods available are stablecoins, tBTC or ETH on the zkSync Era network and Ethereum mainnet.

Do I have to perform KYCs on my users?

Swapbox software does not provide a KYC module. If your jurisdiction requires one, feel free to contact us for the development of a bespoke KYC module.

Do you charge fees on customers' transactions?

No. We can't: we have no way to access you machine's wallet and transactions.

How much capital do I need to lock as liquidity?

This depends on the number of transactions, the amount of each transaction, and the imbalance between buys and sells. Data shows that the average crypto-currency ATM volume is around $20,000 per month, with 80% of buys, but it depends greatly on location. You can use the [ROI calculator] to estimate monthly volume. Locking in the same amount as the monthly volume is a good start.

Where is the backend hosted?

Swapbox backend is different from classic crypto ATM backends. You do not need to have a server running 24/7. Swapbox admin dApp is used to interact with and deploy the Swapbox smart contract. You only need access to the admin dApp when you want to access analytics, change settings, or redeploy a new smart contract.

Your possibility to host the admin dApp of your fleet:

Local hosting: Store the application on your local computer.

Cloud/server hosting: Run your server or use a 3rd party cloud provider. We recommend using Swarm as a decentralized cloud storage service.

Using the default dApp, deployed and maintained by the Swapbox team.

Where is the price source taken from?

The coin prices is taken directly from the decentralized exchange. The stablecoin price is assumed to be 1:1 with the fiat currency it represents.

Which exchange is supported?

Swapbox is not connected to a centralized exchange. Swapbox is connected directly through a blockchain network (and layer-2s), and can use the liquidity from any DEX (decentralized exchange) on that network.

Which blockchain networks are supported?

Currently, only zkSync Era is supported.

How do I profit from hosting a Swapbox?

You can set buy and sell fees to earn a portion of the volume your Swapbox is processing. On top of that, you are contributing to financial inclusion.

Can you upgrade from a buy-only kit to a 2-way kit?

Yes. You will need to buy:

Two-way front plate

Cash-out device.

How many notes can the machine handle?

Cash-out device:
NDE1000 Cash-out device can hold up to 1000 notes.

Cash-in device:
NV10 drops notes loose in a plastic cashbox.
NV9 cash-in device can hold 300 notes (600 notes with stacker). NV9 also offers a lockable cash cassette.
NV200 cash-in device can hold up to a 1000 notes with the big stacker. It also offers a lockable cash cassette.

How is Swapbox secured?

Swapbox prioritizes security through a robust design:

Sturdy Steel Enclosure: Each Swapbox is encased in a 2mm thick steel enclosure, providing exceptional physical protection.

Enhanced Vulnerable Parts: Critical areas, such as behind the 10" screen, are fortified with an additional 2mm thick steel plate.

Chain Attachment Point: Dedicated attachment point beneath the box, allowing users to secure it with a chain.

Locked cash devices: both NV9 cash-in and NDE1000 cash-out devices are equipped with a sturdy locker and a secure key system.

Does Swapbox have a note recycler?

No. We have chosen not to use a note recycler, as they are unreliable, slow, don't process many notes and are expensive.

Do Swapbox kits have a warranty?

All parts are covered by a warranty free of defects upon reception.

What is the power consumption of a Swapbox?

Swapbox has a very low power consumption compared to other crypto ATMs. Theoretically, a Swapbox consumes less than 300W in peak consumption. When idle, Swapbox consumes around 15W. These values are theoretical, and we will update them with actual test values soon.

Do you offer technical support?

We offer 2 hours of technical support free of charge for any kit purchased. You can purchase technical support hours from us if you need more technical support. Technical support includes:

Technical support with your machine(s), admin dApp, and smart contract deployment and configuration.

Customization: new theme, custom KYC module, plugins, dApp integration, etc.

Our team will be happy to assist you.
If you have technical issues, you can always ask the community on the Telegram group or create an Issue on Gitlab if you believe the problem comes from the software.