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Thank you for visiting the Swapbox documentation. This page serves as an introduction to the Swapbox project, providing information on understanding, hosting, using, and contributing to the project's development.

Swapbox is an ATM, very different from existing ATMs. Follow this Get Started guide to understand how it works, and if Swapbox is the right solution for you.

What is Swapbox

Swapbox is a decentralized, serverless, open-source crypto cash machine project. The main goal of the project is to enhance financial inclusivity and fairness by reducing the friction between on and off-ramp crypto-currencies. In other words, Swapbox aims to be a decentralized bridge between the alternative of traditional finance and physical cash (banknotes). We allow anyone to host and operate crypto <-> cash machines in a decentralized, permissionless, and trustless way.

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To begin, we should distinguish the different dimensions of Swapbox, which may confuse some users.

  • Swapbox: The hardware and software project allowing operating crypto ATMs in a decentralized way and buying and selling crypto with cash.
  • Swapbox(es): crypto ATMs powered by smart contracts and on-chain liquidity.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, we recommend starting with the glossary. It will familiarize you with the key concepts and technologies used in the Swapbox project. Glossary

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For Operators

Operators are responsible for managing and operating Swapboxes, facilitating cash-to-crypto exchanges.

For Developers

Developers can build on top of Swapbox by creating plugins and modules or integrating dApps and services for different blockchains.

For Swapbox Users

Learn how to safely exchange cash for crypto using Swapbox.


For any inquiries or assistance, please contact us via email, phone, or visit our website.

Why Swapbox

Cash is the only tool for privacy-friendly and uncensorable transfer of value besides crypto. By extension, buying crypto with cash is the only way to ensure transactions can't be censored. We believe freedom and privacy are fundamental human rights. Many people around the world need access to financial services, such as checking accounts, investment opportunities, or loans. Crypto and DeFi allow anyone to access this kind of service, and Swapbox's ambition is to be the bridge enabling anyone to access the challenge. Banking the unbanked with crypto can revolutionize financial inclusion, providing secure, affordable, and transparent access to financial services while eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. By embracing crypto, we can bridge the financial divide and empower marginalized populations to participate in the economy.

For who and where

Various types of people can operate swapboxes.

Retail businesses

A crypto ATM in retail businesses can be useful as it provides an additional service to customers, attracting tech-savvy individuals interested in cryptocurrencies. It can act as a unique selling point for the business, setting it apart from competitors.

Independent operators

Operating a crypto ATM empowers independent operators to contribute to financial inclusion and generate revenue. They become catalysts for economic growth, enabling individuals to access digital assets and participate in the digital economy.

Crypto organizations

Crypto ATMs expand the reach of crypto organizations, bridging the gap between digital and physical realms. They enhance user adoption, build trust, and reinforce brand values by providing tangible access to cryptocurrencies.

Developing countries

Crypto ATMs in developing countries promote financial inclusion, empowering individuals to access essential financial services. Deploying crypto ATMs in developing countries can accelerate financial empowerment and economic growth.

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